Benefits 01

Teardrop shape


The widest part of the kayak is strategically placed at the center of gravity. The radical ECR [Ergonomic Carving Radius] allows more draft 5 cm [1.9 in] and creates a fin like effect while on edge.

Manta kayaks are stable and have more volume below the waterline [where it’s needed]. The kayak is also teardrop shaped for a more dynamic and better “glide” through the water.

Standard shape
For comparison, the widest part is behind the seat on the upper deck. Therefore, the kayak has less draft on edge and no teardrop shape.

Center of gravity
[cutaway view]

Manta shape

Normal shape

Benefits 02

»Ergonomic Carving Radius«



On the Edge

  • 1 more draft [– 30% volume on the edge] 37.77|78.65
  • 2 Ergonomic Carving Radius [ECR], less sideways drift [fin effect] – speeds out of eddies [economical performance] 36.1|81.94
  • 3 more space under the pole 30|55.94


Flat position

  • 4 ergonomic paddle angle [closer to the kayak] 30.5|67
  • 5 surface groove to hold the line 39.9|75
  • 6 »A-shape« allows a rapid pop up 48.34|66.32
  • 7 widest kayak part at the waterline [teardrop shape] · more volume under the waterline [more uplift] 50|70.66