Sandro Spagnol began his job as a kayak and canoe builder in 1986; before the birth of CS Canoe he became -- still a youngster -- absorbed irreversibly in a love of paddle sport. As a side effect, Sandro too had to spend those classic evenings with brushes and resin, repairing the fragile kayaks built only of fibreglass. Gradually it became clear that economical kayaks were needed for club outings. In this way the time was ripe to set up a proper company whose initial commitment would centre around a product purely for competition. This requirement forced  Cs Canoe towards a rapid, continuous technical growth with the use of innovative materials and construction technologies. Continuous cooperation with polo teams such as Posillipo and Palermo and with athletes such as Doriana Pasetto, whose memory will always be with us, Marco Caldera, Cesare Mulazzi, Skok Janez, Albin Cizman, Jose Vidmar and the unforgettable Richard Fox led to the introduction to Italy of kayaks which have marked the evolution of our sport.